Police can use evidence obtained from illegal stops ‒ SCOTUS


In a 5-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that evidence of a crime obtained through unlawful means can still be used in a court of law. Is this ruling a violation of American’s Fourth Amendment rights? RT America’s Manuel Rapalo reports on the case and how it may disproportionately impact minorities in the United States

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  1. I am shocked and feel like this should be a bigger media story then it is. What this means to me is Police no longer have to get a warrant or need probable cause. This is big!

  2. Kinda like closing a loophole, they are saying, yes the cops violated your rights to obtain evidence of a crime, but if the fact remains, they have evidence you were committing a crime, they can use that evidence. I would guess that if you were violated you should be able to sue for that violation, you would still be guilty of the crime they had the evidence on you for. Seems like a criminal circle both ways. Problem is most things they bust you for, probably shouldn't be a crime in the first place, its been made a crime so they can make money off it, of course this is the case with most "law", the whole thing is a racket of fraud.

  3. it is not right that the US citizens are losing their rights all the time more and more!  but what is anyone going to do about it!  they may try to protest but that has not worked very often! the citizens get beat up and arrested!  the only ones who fight for the rights of the citizens is the ACLU and they usually get results!  other law firms should be stepping forward and helping the citizens but they only care about money!  the US is slowly becoming another north korea!

  4. The great thing about laws and governments is that they dont matter if the people dont support them. They can make any law they want, it wont matter if the people say fuck you and burn them in the streets for abuse of power like they should be doing now. Violence is there to defend against injustice, stop your hipster peace and love bullshit and learn from history, burn those fukcers alive, it works.


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