‘Political correctness on steroids’: statue-phobia sweeps the globe


Calls for removal of statues in the US depicting Confederate leaders are inspiring analogous movements around the world, where historic figures once considered heroes are facing scrutiny as never before, whether it be statues, plaques, or the names of schools or parks. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports.

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  1. It's funny he said Gandhi hated black people but offered no examples or evidence.. Idk if that's fake news or not, you can say anyone is a racist now without offering evidence that doesn't seem fair

  2. Murica has gone full retard and that's just the way I like it. Let the retards be retards. Yes, I know that I can't say retard.
    The Democrats are going to let this happen because this has nothing to do with racism but everything to do with Tomahawk Trump. Democrats don't care about racism or minorities. Democrats are capitalists and don't want to talk about capitalism either. Democrats see identity politics as the only avenue of attack on Trump which is too bad. Nobody wants to talk about capitalism. If the Democrats did talk about capitalism, they would have so much support but they don't. Trump at least pretends to care about the average smuck. Democrats can't even do that.

  3. " heros of the past"……
    Lee was a traitor of America.
    They can put a bleached confederate flag there & that would be appropriate. They could even put up statues of Obama next to them….. also appropriate.
    The confederates were enemies…. not heroes.

  4. Won't this happen 100 years from this as well. We never get smarter because we don't listen to the past, so everything we see eventually becomes wrong. We see imperfection as stupidity … hmmm … stupidity never goes away because in a majority, we're too stupid perhaps ? Are a lot of us never forming our oum opinions ? What do you think ?


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