Protesters arrested in rally against LA Sheriff rejection of ‘Sanctuary State’ bill


Eight protesters were arrested in Los Angeles, Monday, during a protest outside the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department headquarters condemning the cooperation between local law enforcement authorities and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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  1. Any nation needs to control its borders. Illegal immigrants need to be deported. Yes, it is a painful process because these desperate people have spouses and children that get separated. If Americans ever want to regain the higher wages of yester-year, then limiting the flow of labor coming across the border is essential. The USA also must keep its BIG FAT NOSE out of Latin America as to the other half of this story. US citizens must then prosecute all war criminals of the past international crimes of meddling in other countries affairs.

  2. The asshole gestapo military police should be jailed for inhumane treatment. They are fucking ORDER FOLLOWERS!! ALL ORDER FOLLOWERS ARE BAD PEOPLE AND SHOULD BE INCARCERATED!! THE POLICE AND MILITARY ARE CULTS OF ORDER FOLLOWERS!!! GO HOME ASSHOLES!!!


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