Racist Army vet traveled to NYC to kill black men ‒ NYPD


A 28-year-old white man traveled from Maryland to New York City with the sole intention of killing black men, the New York Police Department says. James Jackson stabbed Timothy Caughman to death with a sword before being apprehended by police. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports.

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  1. Funny how to be in the US army you have the most diverse population in america you could ever have. All races living and working fighting and dying together…seems like the media want to continue the disgraceful image profiling of veterans….all part of the agenda for the Govt is afraid of veterans they know the standard people on the street are sheep and cowards but come after combat vets and its a whole other story entirely. wonder why he traveled all the way to NY to kill a black man?….so ridiculous…he probably passed up on dozens he saw on the way……

  2. There are a lot of Jacksons on just about any post on Youtube, or other social media sites. Check them out in the comment sections; bunch of sick bastards really.

  3. so a white guy did the same thing the black guy did in fergusson. only exception was the black guy had a gun and killed 5 white cops. oh and that black guy who killed the 5 cops was a veteran too. the bad backs in America are about to go extinct. and hopefully that will pave the way for good blacks to achieve a living proper

  4. Wonder when are we going to see that "RADICAL WHITE SUPREMACY" , is the true terrorism of the world. Especially the U.S.. Almost all terrorist acts carried out in the United States have been from White supremacist. We have Timothy Mc Veigh, Dylan Roof, Carrot top (Aurora CO, Movie theater shooter), Columbine High School, Sandy Hook High School, This F ing guy in this video, Frazier Glenn Miller ( Kansas city shooting spree)…The list goes on. Oh yeah. And wait till you find out who really was behind the Trade Towers.

    Currently there is a European, in every non European country. They come with NATO rounds, and hellfire missles. But it is the people who worship God that are terrorist?

    In closing. White Supremacy is an ideology. Which means not all Europeans are "Terrorist", just the ones that follow the ideology. They are a threat to, not only every man, but every creature of the earth. Their radical ego makes them very unstable.

    My opinion

  5. Something tells me this guy was messed-up in more ways than just racial conceits. He goes and murders a black man in a city—a state—where blacks and brown-skins (Arabs and Hispanics) constitute a far greater portion of the prison populace than whites. And NY doesn’t have a death penalty, meaning, if he doesn’t kill himself he’ll be spending the rest of his life with those men. And it’s not like he’s built like King Kong, so he’ll probably be servicing them sexually. You have to assume that was part of his motivation, however bent. That regardless of however much he hates black men, he would almost have to be sexually attracted to them to do what he did.

  6. Several months ago in Texas BLM Black Kills Four Cops? They Never Say was Black Man Just BLM Groups. RT using Racial profile to created hatred – CNN alike? Or Political Motive Flase Flag?

  7. Lol so yelling the truth is causing a race division but you get mad when white victims don't get as much attention. Can't pick and choose. Either be against all hate crimes or none. You not seeing black lives as equal to white lives is what's causing a race division (which there really isn't).

  8. Whats this? Racist white person? Its okay.The trusted RT comment section is here to defend him. Quickly! someone mention some shit that has nothing to do with the current situation and further propels their agenda!

  9. MASS MURDERS LED FAILED PEDOPHILIA DEMONIC LED EUROPEAN HOLo HOAX Vatican's COMMIES AND FAKE OZ LED TERRORISTS ORG IS AT AGAIN. kkk Reich hate group or so called mental led fucks is at again. . civilized led fucks so funnyman.

  10. Sooo, what do you think the name of the TYT video will be when they upload this story on their channel? Something like "Evil Racist White Christian Conservative Gun Owner Drives to New York to Murder innocent African American"?


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