Ramadan ‘a month of mourning’ for Palestinian mother


“My parents are dead and my husband was killed by Israeli forces 8 years ago. His parents have also passed. All of my brothers and sisters have moved out of the country to get away from the occupation, and all of my children are in Israeli prison.”

Alex Poucher

Ramadan ‘a month of mourning’ for Palestinian mother

With her husband dead and her three children in Israeli detention, Sanaa Balbul has spent the holiday alone.

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  1. yes and it will remain so till they stop allowing their terrorist brothers from using their land to terrorize people of God israel, because the evil that men do lives after them.

  2. This is the real face of Israel, the biggest terrorist in the world, supported openly by US/EU/UK and even by most Arab monarchies, all of these powers should be ashamed for bringing so much misery and pain to mothers and for imprisoning children!

  3. Isreal has a red tape line which you people rarely recognise.Rather,your people wake up every morning with hatred that they will one day overrun Isreal.Stop decieving the world with your tears for we know the truth.Denounce terrorism and recognise the jews and peace will overwhelm you

  4. If palestinians love peace like isreal .there will not suffer this way .the mothers refuse to stop their children and husbands from causing what happens to them.its quite a pity !These two nations have known no peace for over 50 years.why hate your neighbour this much? Please love your neighbour as your self. We all proffess to worship God the only one God and creator who loves us and allow rain ,sun ,air to be used by every person with no discrimination.

  5. The reason we defend Israel is because every place there are Muslims there is war, look here in Africa, North of Nigeria, Egypt,Libya,somalia, kenyan coast, central Africa republic, morocco, Djibouti. Everywhere there is Muslim its unending war. If what we experience here is what Israel experience furthermore Israel is sorrounded by Muslims then Israel are God chosen pple.

  6. The problem is after facing all this suffering she will be labelled as potential terrorist by the media .Majority of the people who are effected by conflicts are women who have no one to raise their voice .I wonder where is the women activists who speak about women rights .

  7. I cannot believe any of you. That’s the trouble with the truth, you each claim you know the truth and the other is wrong. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. My truth is you are all behaving badly. You exhaust me. I feel all your pain and you feel only your own. If there was a god, it would create peace. Just think what we could accomplish if we stopped fighting like children with weapons of great destruction. Stop brainwashing all your sweet children. They carry your hate. Thanks a lot. I love this planet.

  8. May Allaah give you strength and courage.
    Keep patience and you will be rewarded surely; In shaa Allaah…

    No doubt today on earth, Israel is the bigest sponsored country in the world.

    Time ia not far when the nature will also be against the every Israeli person….

    Curse to Israelis…

  9. I wonder why people like Natenyahu are so powerful that their crimes have become acceptable in the eyes of the international community,shame on the UN and all international bodies that have become toothless just watching innocent Palestinians suffer day and night in the hands of Israel.

  10. In sha Allah …janath is your etenrnal home my sister…be patient..Allah does not forget anything…and in sha Allah you will be among whome Allah will be pleased on the day of standing…May Allah pour upon u patience…and may He forgive me and the muslim ummah…ameen

  11. there’s a time when jews hidding everywhere bcoz moslem will pursue them even stone will speak if there’s jews behind it..stay strong Palestinian mother bcoz Allah always with u

  12. Every palestinian is a born matyrs ……and resistance will be rewarded to heaven….palestinian must remain strong & only Allah will help them as their Arab brothers can only make friends with the zionist for the sake of not becoming another Nakhba of Palestine..

  13. Al Jazeera has never said anything good about Israel… I don’t believe Israel is the Lucifer like al Jazeera claims and Palestine the Angel. It takes two to tango and so if the Palestinians are always right that also means Al Jazeera spread biased news or Falsehood

  14. I am amazed how evil pro Israelis are… I am from Pakistan and our rivals are Indians. But when either of us heard such terrible stories we all sympathize with the victim, regardless of the nationality of oppressor and the oppressed.

    But pro Israelis dont care. They all seem to enjoy Palestinian suffering. Its just so sad, i hope they would feel human someday.

  15. This is sad may Allah give you strength & courage to help you overcome this grief one day Israel will be punished for its atrocities against the palestinian people just like Hitler destroyed them during ww2

  16. May almighty Allah bless you and your family in who were Fastaway and May almighty Allah give you a lot of strength heart to keep it up on your mind, and it is shameful to the muslims umma in the World,and especial Arab countries shameful on them

  17. You want to help the Palestinians, don’t keep on plucking the Israeli card and try to pull on the heart strings of the faithful. Neither Israel, nor America, nor the Christian western world would do anything without the agreement and concurrence of the bloated, decadent ruling monarchies of the Gulf countries. Of course I am sympathetic of the plight of this Palestinian woman.

  18. Occupation? It’s a Claim of Right to their lands by the Israelis. You people are the ones occupying their lands. And the reason your children are in prison and your husband and parents are dead is because you Palestinians don’t know how to be peaceful. Blame yourselves for all the deaths and violence. Learn how to live in peace. And Everything will end.

  19. This is the real pain which is ignored by #Arabs bcz all the arabs are indirectly supporter of Israel. Now I realize the statement of #Adolf_Hitler , who said “I was able ti slaughter all the jews but I left some alive so that world will know why I did this”

  20. A day will come soon when we will take revenge from Israel.. Insha Allah………… don’t worry Palestinian we are with you ……. M your Brother I am your Son……. don’t feel lonely……… just wait & watch………….

  21. Israel belonged to Palestine at end of ww2 not the jews they were conquered centuries before…it would be like saying to all the refugees heading to Europe ” here you go have a full continent to call your own” I’m pretty sure Europeans wouldn’t like it…Noone has the right to give a country away to another race…however what’s done is done wish they would all work together now look at all these crazy attacks in the past few days… it solves nothing…scary world we live in


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