Residents fleeing Fallujah tell of ‘horrific’ ISIL rule


“ISIL forced us to witness beheadings.”

Alex Poucher

Residents fleeing Fallujah tell of ‘horrific’ ISIL rule

Those who escaped the besieged city described a lack of food, frequent executions and forced domestic violence.

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  1. Only Kurdish Army Peshmarga can fight with ISIS so all the way Peshmarga…

    Peshmarga of Kurdistan will continue to fight ISIS because they threat for all the world..

  2. the Wars of Apostasy (Riddah Wars) under Abu Bakr, the first of the first sunnists satan worshipers calipha , The commander of each army that Abu Bakr sent out had a letter to be read to the tribe before it was attacked. The letter explained that if the tribe did not do bayat to abu bakr, the army commander
    will not spare any one of them he can gain mastery over, [but may] burn them with fire, slaughter them by any means…
    The History of al-Tabari: The Conquest of Arabia, p. 57
    Abu Bakr even set the example when a captive who had fought against the caliphate was brought to him. Abu Bakr
    ordered a fire to be kindled with much firewood in the prayer yard (musalla) of Medina and threw him, with arms and legs bound, into it.
    The History of al-Tabari: The Conquest of Arabia, p. 80
    The commander of one of the abu bakr was Khalid bin al-Walid. Here is a command that Abu Bakr gave to Khalid:
    …kill them by every means, by fire or whatever else.
    The History of al-Tabari: The Conquest of Arabia, p. 100
    And Abu Bakr gave Khalid a specific command when he sent him against the Bani Hanifah in Al-Yamamah:
    Kill their wounded, seek out those of them who flee, put the captives among them to the sword and strike terror among them by killing and burn them by fire. And I warn you against contradicting my orders. Peace (be upon you).
    Abridged Biography of Prophet Muhammad, p. 345
    Khalid took Abu Bakr’s admonitions to heart and was known for burning many captives alive. Abu Bakr’s response was,
    I shall not sheathe a sword that alhaha ( sunnis god ) had unsheathed against the ‘unbelievers.’
    The Origins of the Islamic State, p. 148

    Abu bakr burned sahabas alive who didn’t do bayat to him and they said prophed s,a,w,,w appointed ali a,s, after him and abu bakr killed them burned them alive !!!!

    Abu bakr burned sahabas alive now where are hypocrite sahaba worshipers to condemn abu bakr ?????

  3. well!using veil is not humiliation, you all have gone nuts. shaving beard is a humiliation The fact of the matter is that you want Islam but of your own taste, that is impossible. Allah knows best

  4. May Allah (swt) destroy these vile monsters ISIS from the world. Entitled, cowardly men and women who wish to impose and dictate the lives of others and causing suffering and death to all that will not join their madness.

  5. Prophet Muhammad of Islam BEHEADED 900 men, women and Children of Jewish tribe of the Banu Qurayza in one day according to Quran, Hadiths, Sirat and Al-Tabari in [Ibn Kathir, on Quran 33:26], Sunan Abu Dawood, 38:4390, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:68, [Tabari, Volume 8 p. 35-36] The event is also mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:57:66, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:57:66, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:68, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:59:443, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:59:44, Sahih al-Bukhari, 4:52:280 and many others. and Isis and other radical Islamic terrorist Groups are follow him as an example for the mankind. Why do some Muslims condemn Isis but does not condemn Muhammad the Prophet of Islam who actually started the Beheading as method of execution for his new founded religion Islam?? Muslims are hypocrites. If the Muslims hate what Isis is doing, they must hate what Muhammad did.

  6. Will the elimination of IS solve all the problems that the Mideast faces?…..We are all witnessing a problem that is affecting the entire world. The problem has reached near epic proportions and countries are convening, seeking solutions, and primarily utilizing their military forces to try and deal with it. The U.S. government, as well as those of Canada, Australia, Russia, France, the UK and Germany, are deploying their troops to the region; however, the results remain the same while the problem continues to grow bigger as time goes by.

    The struggle against this problem that puts the lives of millions of people at stake currently continues. This problem is Islamic State (IS).

    The U.S. and European countries, with the support of many countries in other regions, are carrying out a full-scale campaign of trying to annihilate IS in the Middle East. Residential areas are being besieged and bombed. Even though this method of fighting is presented to the world as “the most effective and successful method (of defeating IS),” the facts are out in the open. Millions of innocent people have lost their homes, their lands or their lives, and yet the situation remains unchanged.

    Despite the ceaseless bombardments, IS still maintains its presence in Iraq and Syria. IS continues to be dominant in Libya, and is also increasing its influence, through Sinia, in Egypt. Furthermore, it is increasing its terrorist activities in Europe. In short, the opposite seems to be taking place: rather than being eliminated, IS appears to be gaining strength.

    Although IS is described as the root of the problem of terrorism around the world, no one actually mentions the real issue that should be tackled, that threatens humanity — a distorted ideology and bigotry.

    The mentality introduced by Western circles, which claims that “problems will be solved once IS goes,” is in fact, nothing but quite an erroneous assertion as IS is not the only group that employs violence — allegedly — in the name of Islam. The other groups such as the Taliban, al-Qaida, Boko Haram, and al-Shabab are all preserving their existences with all their might and continue to spread terror by resorting to violence, as an proclaimed requirement of their “beliefs.” Even so, let us assume for a moment that the military action works out and all of the aforementioned groups are eliminated. Is it possible to guarantee that in the wake of this total annihilation strategy, similar groups will not re-emerge in Africa, Asia, and even in Europe stronger than ever before?

    There is no need to be a politician or an intelligence expert to know the answer to this question. It is quite obvious that the methods used against IS and other similar groups in the Middle East do not offer a permanent solution.

    Even if the terrorist organizations that commit violence in the name of Islam are completely eliminated, as long as the fallacious belief system and ideology of the radical groups remain unaddressed, these systems will continue to wreak havoc and spread terror under different names.

    Education and Enlightenment

    It is possible to eliminate the bloody activities of IS and similar groups. The root cause of the problems attempted to be pinned on Islam is, in fact, the superstitious bigotry that is gaining ground and becoming widespread in the Islamic world. The way to defeat this bigoted mentality is not to rain bombs down upon people, but to educate and enlighten them.

    Those who are under the assumption that violence is “the (proper) method of seeking justice” should be taught that violence completely contradicts the tenets of Islam, and has no place in the tradition. It is necessary to use methods of persuasion that incorporate scientific evidence and address the concerns of people through a compassionate tone. Pleasant words, instead of cold, harsh, and crass tactics of oppression and compulsion should be used and taught as soon as possible. Another topic that must be communicated is that the religion of Islam preaches freedom of belief. According to the tenets of Islam, every person is free to choose their own faith and no one can compel another on the subject of belief.

    It is of vital importance to develop an agenda and plan to put into action a comprehensive education policy that adopts these methods. Consequently further losses of life in the Islamic world and the West will be prevented, billions of dollars will be saved, terrorism will not be disseminated and people will be ensured freer and safer lives, if compassion replaces conflict. Fighting against the spreading violence through education instead of weapons will be a more humane and permanent solution that should urgently and resolutely be employed.

    A question remains, as far as leadership is concerned: Who, or which group, would be able to wage a successful ideological struggle against radicalism? Who can speak the truth in the face of pervasive propaganda?

    It is quite obvious that the conservative religious scholars who, in theory, advocate the same ideology as IS will not be of any help in this regard.

    What Muslims need is a pure understanding of the Quran, purified from radical and conservative mentality, and based on sincere faith, wisdom and love.

    Then through which method are we able to eradicate radical terrorism and save some Muslims who have been trapped in this issue?

    An ideological struggle against radicalism must be highlighted to bring about peace and serenity to the world. Thus, instead of resorting to violence that steers radicals to more radicalism, appropriate solutions should be sought. This ideological effort has to reveal the fallacy of the bigotry that incites brutality. Carrying out an intellectual undertaking that brings an end to violence, suicide bombings and hostility right at its roots based on the truths of the Quran, and also delineating, with scientific evidence, the errors of a mindset that demands brute force, will ultimately bring down the ideological efforts of terrorism in their entirety.

    To realize this, there is a need for the efforts of politicians, opinion leaders, NGO’s and each and every well-meaning citizen, be they young or old. Ideological mistakes could be highlighted through education, holding conferences, exhibits, informative meetings; publishing informative writings in newspapers, brochures and billboards; reaching even greater masses through schools and the media should not be overlooked, either. Such a scientific struggle should be based on solidarity and should not contain any destructive messages prompting violence and anger. It should not be forgotten that those who’ve turned toward terrorism can definitely be educated.

    Adnan Oktar’s piece in The China Post:………


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