Russia a natural ally against ‘radical Islam’ – Ann Coulter


US-Russia relations have historically been fraught with conflict and disagreement. But according to author Ann Coulter, Russia is not America’s enemy. She joins “News with Ed” to discuss her recent article, the mainstream media’s Russia hysteria and RT America’s strange reputation.

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  1. "RT the evil Russian propaganda tool of Putin" I'm embarrassed at how ignorant many of my fellow Americans are RT has proven to reveal many of our vile actions in Syria regarding our backing and supplying of weapons to terrorists and attempts at regime change. Now I don't consider any source to be gospel and I'm sure RT has some amount of bias but over the past few years they have crushed the fake news narrative so I believe that along with Putin's distaste for globalists has garnered them this label. I can only hope my fellow Americans will wake up and realize that it's not RT that needs to be worried about but their very own American media which is brainwashing them on a daily basis.

  2. Lol my mom hates Ann. So my mom HATES Trump and she said once "Ann Coulter would make me and Trump look like bestfriends" And I like Ann lmao idk why my mom hates her, probably causr Ann is great anr not retarded

  3. Watch in say 60 years, America will be credited for stopping Islam when it was actually the Russians who stopped it JUST LIKE how America gets all the credit for stopping when in reality, it was the Russians who did. We just nuked a weak and basically ready to surrender Japan, twice. Don't believe me, lool it up.

  4. What about Radical Hindis?!?

    Your islamophobia is no match for the imminent jepordy facing the world known as the Radical Hindu !

    Even dual citizen nationals working with the mossad fear this menace

  5. I am so embarrassed to say I'm an American these liberals are making my country weeeeeeeaaaaaak as fuck especially dictators in black robes, if I were Russia I'd say fuck america see ya on the battlefield bitch,the senate hearings today were a god damn joke and made and makes us weak as fuck smh Fuck the united States


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