Russia: Meet Siberia’s ‘Rapunzel’, the Instagram icon whose hair reaches her SHINS


With her flowing brown hair almost reaching the floor, Daria Gubanova could be Russia’s answer to the fairytale heroine Rapunzel, with the 26-year-old student …

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.


  1. She has gorgeous hair and is a beautiful girl. But she is no exception of growing long hair….there are lots of longhair girls on Instagram / Youtube to follow. Still, i'm curious, to see where she will let it grow….

  2. Wow! She is gorgeous. And what a superb marvelous hair. God bless her. P.S. Dear honest people, support President Putin for the leader of the world. He will solve the problems of the humanity. No more wars, hunger, injustice. He is God sent! He is the mighty blessed Tsar and Emperor. Dear honest people, support President Putin and Russia for peace in the world. For prosperity, for safety, for justice. For culture. For education. For a clear blue sky. For a good life for you and your loved ones. For serenity in your life. For a peaceful present and future. For a wonderful life. President Putin is the greatest leader ever and the Holy Russia is the most wonderful country. As long as President Putin rules there will be NO WWIII. He has such a wonderful caring loving soul. President Putin is a wonder and an angel. He revived the Christianity. President Putin is Russia's savior, Crimea's savior. Syria’s savior. He made Russia a super power, the only super power in the world. President Putin is peace, faith in God, elegance, dignity, kindness, power, strength. He is extremely intelligent, exceptional sportsman, great pilot, wonderful soul, man and human being. As some honest people said: Putin is Russia. And I agree with them. Our human hope is President Putin, our divine hope are Lord Jesus, the Almighty God and Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God! Glory to the Heavenly Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.


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