Russia: Russia is ‘stronger than any potential aggressor’ – Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was “now stronger than any potential aggressor” during the annual expanded meeting of the Russian Defence …

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  1. Yeah, Vladimir Putin!! You tell our President Obama that if he wants to 'pick a fight' with you, then America WILL lose, big time!! It's Obama's fault for downgrading America's strengths, militarily, economically, and especially socially!! You put anyone of these American teenagers to forty year olds in the same situation as the people in Aleppo Syria today and they will have a total meltdown!!! We Americans are a total pushover for failure, so Vladimir, you go right ahead and put O'BLAME'A in his place and Obama must either 'put up (his fighting hands) or shut up' & take the back seat because you Vladimir are "KING OF THE HILL", Now!!!

  2. In the military doctrine of Russia only protection from any military aggression, threats against potential strike and protection from terrorism. Any document you have to read to the end. The mission of the intervention and the expansion is missing. Russia may provide military assistance to the legitimate States when applying not inconsistent with the UN Charter.

  3. Russia has moral high ground and is in their own right. Western leaders heads should roll for overstepping their purview and recieving money from lobbyists making decision against the people benefiting criminal billionaires is a racket and they need to be retired, sliced out of authority

  4. US risks annihilation! Sure it could anihilate Russia too but Russia in ready for that, they have underground bunkers for years to live. Sending tanks and troops to europe and missile defence which is part of offensive stategy has put Russia to a position where it cant back down. I think Trump will not be allowed from inside forces to make peace with Russia and US will go ahead with military buildup near Russia s borders and catastrophe is coming!

  5. Russia you are stronger than ever ? Turks killed your ambassador , Turks shooted down your figher on Syria borders, fucking muslims Turks shooted down your civilian plane in Egypt, ISIS killed your solders and you are telling about your power? Ha Ha Ha ! Erdogan is you friend now ? he is traitor but your political advisor know better ? Ha Ha Ha ! FUCK ERDOGAN, FUCK TURKEY, FUCK SMELLY MUSLIMS, FUCK ISLAM


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