Russia: US State Dept’s treatment of RT reporter ‘outrageous’ – Zakharova


Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said it was “outrageous” that a spokesperson of the US State Department did not “put the RT TV …

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.


  1. I hope and pray Mr Trump will fire everyone in the state dept for their lies hatred and delusion they put in people's minds…He needs to start with an honest government…

  2. That stupid punk a Kirby fella yah I suppose is actually in the wrong person for the right portfolio instead I reckon he should be in a mental hospital, it's absolutely this stupid punk doesn't have the ethics & etiquettes rather he's unprofessional a true typical nature of a stupid punk

  3. Indeed the Great Bear, Russia is recognized as a Military Superpower
    It is the only nation that has actually declared total war & creates a true military history by total annihilation of those terrorists come what may & any costs even it means using of nuclear weapons on those evils

  4. Russia has the moral high ground right now, many people do not believe John Kirby. We believe Mr. Kirby just mocks the presidential agenda rather than deliver the Truth. No one should ever take this man seriously or at his word. I have Zero faith in Mr. Kirby personally, and I grew up in America. GO TRUMP GO !

  5. I don't really understand what She said.But After seeing that WORST behavior of the US state department to a RT reporter.I was so Mad at him,for his accusations of Russia in bombing Hospitals in Syria.

    I Understand state,Her Mode & i respect it.If that will also happens to my country i will get mad also.Specially if there is no such a prof for the Allegations.

    President TRUMP should kick the ass of this ARROGANT/Boastful Jk of US state department,Because of his bad Behavior to the Medias on that room.


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