Sam Seder and Mike Papantonio Discuss the Need For LAW AND VENGEANCE


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On September 26th, Mike Papantonio, host of America’s Lawyer and the nationally-syndicated radio show Ring of Fire, will be releasing the follow up to his novel Law and Disorder. The new installment, titled Law and Vengeance, builds on characters introduced in the first novel, providing more depth and focus on other members of the Bergman Deketomis Law Firm. Mike Papantonio and Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder discuss the new book.

Click to view the video on The Young Turks YouTUBE Channel.

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  1. The US is a society run by big business. Not everyone apparently understands the implications of that. It seems many people (especially right-wingers) still believe that capitalism is somehow locally oriented. They are programmed to dislike big tyrannical institutions, not realizing that this is exactly what big corporations are. Instead the federal government gets all the flak, even though it is the only institution that functions as a counterbalance to unaccountable private corporations that really don't care at all about the welfare of society.

  2. A quick reminder that Gorka and Bannon are gone while globalists like Kushner and Cohn control mentally retarded Donnie. Also Milo is an Paedophile and right wing YouTube is being killed.


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