Shocking eyewitness videos have been coming out of India-Administered Kashmir ov…


Alex Poucher
Shocking eyewitness videos have been coming out of India-Administered Kashmir over the past month.

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  1. That is what going on in Indian Occupied Kashmir and the UN and other world powers are criminally silent over these inhuman acts. Kashmiris want their right to self determination whether they want to live with Kashmir or not.

  2. Al Jazeera thank you for being the only major news outlet reporting on Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Imagine if the Pakistani army used a Hindu as a human shield against the Afghan Taliban – it would be all over CNN and other western networks! They are a bunch of hypocrites!!

  3. Kashimiris are struggling for Independence since 1947 …Now they are really close…!!!Because The main cause of poverty Shortage of Toilets…. Farmers that there Govt is putting large amount of Budget to kill innocent Kashmiris…..
    #Beware of #Dogs
    #BCZ they are going to #Bark…..!!!

  4. Al Jazeera,.
    You should know, Burhan wani was not a ‘rebel leader’s
    He was commander of Terrorist organisation Hizb UL muzahidin
    And he had cross border contacts with global Terrorist Hafiz Saeed.
    So correct yourself.

  5. This is shocking and our soilders died cos of stone pelting what is that?????? Kashmiri pandits throad has been cut in roads what is that thats not shocking no muslim will comment on hi du pandits what a relegion and teaching hatsoff

  6. The oppression against Kashmiri’s should stop. Enough is enough!!!
    India illegally invaded Kashmir.. Kashmiris want freedom. In recent election the turn out was only 2% .. 98% didn’t vote.. They don’t trust Indian so called ‘democracy’ .. The Kashmiri they used as human shield was coming out of a polling station… Even those 2% who voted aren’t safe.. #Free_Kashmir..

  7. They have to fight with us , they have to fight with next generation, they have to fight with our next and then next generation until they leave our land…..we will fight till victory ……

  8. India has lost Kashmir, and hence it is resorting to State sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. The people of Kashmir have given their verdict loud and clear, and it says “Go India go back”. The recent turnout in elections was mere 2%, and that tells you what the 98% population wants. #Azadi #FreeKashmir

  9. These stone pelter Kashmiri raise ISIS flags on mosque, what hopes do we have from them? It’s just Coz there is very heavy security, these young lands don’t get hands on heavy weaponry in their hand…. Otherwise Kashmir would have turned to Syria long back. In 1990s they almost slaughtered all the Hindu families from the land, thankfully the govt deployed heavy forces to save that minority people. But horror on their minds led Hindus to flee kashmir and never go back. Neighbors killed neighbors because of religion… What a shame. India will stand still and never let these people form another Islamic state in kashmir

  10. I don’t know what arab people are getting from India as they never spoke any word against their inhuman acts in Kashmir.. They are killing them …where is UN? I think UN has become deaf and dumb as well as blind.. …Just talk to them what kashmiris want..

  11. #FreeKashmir India and Israel are two face of one coin both are doing same but UN and other International human right activist are sleeping deep sleep …! The world media will only cry when they someone die in western countries otherwise all are silent hypocrisy …!

  12. What the Army is supposed to do if these goons of Pakistan are throwing stones at indian army… They even slapped two CRPF men were beatenup by these goons… And why they are living on Indian land…. They should leaave India and go to Rawalpindi. Coz pok is also indian territory… No power on this earth can part us from kashmir..
    Our hard earned money is pumped into Kashmir to develop the state.. And these pak sponsored goons are indulging in violence… Why Pakistan their large hearted brother does not ask them to become their citizen… The world is sensible enough to understand. This… Had the atrocities been so great… They would have a beeline on border as refugees.. As is in the case of so many other countries.. As it waas in the case of banglaadeshis refugees way back in the 70…where Pakistan army was indulged in genocide… I live in lucknow… In winters we get kaashmiris selling their handicraft to us.. And they are nice kind hearted people… If any kashmiri has any problem with India.. They can go to lahore… Pakistan has not forgotten the humiliation it suffered at the hands of Indian Army. In Bangladesh… We will never give you Kashmir… It belongs to each Indian… And I’m very proud of my Army!!!

  13. Dear al Jazeera,please put a news of both version,you are not highlighting a army men, which is beaten up by Stone pelters,actually army is very restraint during handling of unruly mob,even though taking rain of stone

  14. Happy to Know finally international media started discriminating between Freedom fighters n terrorist groups. Kashmiris are fighting for their rights. N international world should acclaim their rights.

  15. well the whole world know the real face of filthy rapist nation india … dear india stop raping your women show some respect hope so every body got sis ,wife ,daughter , mother in their own home…and stop defending yourself over this wrong is always wrong


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