Southern Poverty Law Center funnels millions into offshore bank accounts


In their investigation, the Free Beacon looked at a bunch of the SPLC’s financial forms and found that they had accumulated $328 million in net assets in 2015, which was the most recent tax form they found for the ‘nonprofit.’ And those same financial forms showed that the SPLC had business interests in the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda. In other words, the ‘nonprofit’ was funneling money offshore. The Resident breaks it down. Follow The Resident at

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  1. If they are non-profit, it really doesn't matter. Why slam one of the only powerhouses we have for civil and human rights? Do people realize how much it costs to mount successful lawsuits against giants? Lack of money often means lack of access to any form of justice. This was an unwarranted hit piece. Why?

  2. SPLC has helped out a lot of people. For you to say that "hey, you make a lot money so why are you helping people?" is a real ignorant statement. In case after case the SPLC has fought racial bigotry and yes they do skim off the top, not saying they don't. But, they don't just say give me the money and then walk away. The way she says it sounds like they are just screwing people and not helping out one bit.


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