Staggering Hospital Bill Shows What’s At Stake


Take a look at this child’s hospital bill and then tell us how the GOP is PRO-LIFE ? Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. a child in the UK was just ordered off life support by the court. this was ordered even after the parents raised millions to take him to the states for an experimental surgery. they were told he wasn't allowed to go, and that he needs to die gracefully. that's what socialised healthcare gets you.

  2. This is all bullshit. As if the bill SHOULD be that high and that overall cost is NORMAL. It's not about insurance or the lack thereof; it's about getting those insane costs down.

  3. Why isn't anybody, both the people and those in government talking about the corruption of our politicians and their bias to their donors rather than to their constituents and why is this kind of bribery tolerated and even encouraged in our political system? This is a brazen undermining of the people they are in office to represent and an insult to the dignity of their post. It is getting to where a Revolution might be the prescribed remedy to this horrendous undemocratic action. Join the Justice Democrats! Join the Revolution! Go, Bernie Sanders!

  4. …It really is going to come down to outright bloodshed, isn't it? The bullets really are going to have to fly before they finally start taking us seriously.

  5. only reason obamacare is more expensive is because 13 red states passed laws that intentionally made it go up to regain both house and senate, mission accomplished

  6. We are cattle. our prisons should be filled with these monsters. not drug users. we are to blame. we are the weak. watching those born into wealth rape our children. a nation of cucks.

  7. Its weird how a few old rich people in power dictates laws for the millions. Who is more powerful? A lawmaker or the millions of people who put this lawmaker in his throne? Don't be coddled. U R Muricans!!! U are the powerful. Except if you're a Trumptard, then you're just doomed to be a moron.

  8. Pro-Liars. There is nothing remotely compassionate about these people. They don't care about fetuses or women, they just use fetuses as meat shields for their agenda of stripping the poor of healthcare and killing them.

  9. Basically under the republican "health care plan" the kid in the video whould have most certainly died due to republicans letting the insurance company have a "lifetime cap" on coverage. Shows they dont give 2 shits about being "Pro life".


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