Standing Rock Sioux puts lawsuit against Army Corps Engineers on hold


Lawyers for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe were in Washington, DC asking a federal judge to put their lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers on hold. The tribe wants to see if the results of a new Environmental Impact Study will address their concerns. The tribe also asked the judge to order the release of previously conducted Environmental Impact Studies related to the Dakota Access Pipeline. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario has the latest.

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  1. Just wondering how much have the protesters at Standing Rock polluted the river & trampled on sacred grounds outside the reservation with their garbage, peeing while standing in the water, feces etc.? While it may not be continuing, isn't it just as much a violation? Anyone know?

  2. The world is watching we will not fall down All Nations one family all tribes one sky teardrops still fall from my eyes so much more we have to do standing up to protect our Earth air and water and our human rights we can dance one step at a time as are learning to walk on sacred ground

  3. they should still be sued for the trespassing, environmental crimes, war crimes and assaults they have already perpetrated. Why not sue? Is this a matter of corruption?


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