Tech billionaire files to divide California into 3 states


Tim Draper is a Californian who a bunch of money in tech as a venture capital investor, among other things. His net worth is supposed to be just about a billion dollars. And he just filed for a new measure with the state’s government stating that Californians would be better served if their state were broken up into Northern California, Southern California, and just plain-old California. The Resident discusses. Follow The Resident at

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  1. We'd have to look at whether or not any of the remaining sections will be viable. But I wouldn't dismiss the idea outright because there may be administrative advantages. It sounds like way to complex an issue to talk about in a youtube comment.

  2. when Imran Awan was arrested at the airport he had three passports: United States, Pakistan and a diplomatic passport for the UAE which was used for shipping depleted uranium and white phosphorus weapons in diplomatic containers

  3. What? Who cares?.One-because it won't ever happen.Two- because it's more bullshit of a lesser kind that adds to whatever hat full of arseholes that is the US.What a fucking shit place.It can be divided and subdivided ,but there's just too many fucking retards at large and on the whole.Why anyone would want to live there has got me fucked.Mexico must be even worse

  4. How about no Calexit, no dividing the state. How about voting out the inept politicians that are destroying the state.. I think the latter sounds good for Illinois, New York and all the derelicts in the Congress in DC..

  5. Well this definitely proves my theory that wealth and intellect are not linearly equatable. this guy is obviously ignorant of the laws of this country or he wouldn't even trying to begin such a venture.

  6. The real problem is having political parties, we should get rid of them, especially the top two, this left vs right is destroying our country literally. Can we just agree to disagree or find common ground? It's a war and I'm tired of the hate coming from both sides. Let's just get along and stop hating each other.

  7. There is only one thing wrong with California these days. Democrats. Get rid of them and the state will be a solvent financial powerhouse far above what it has been. It is rich, pretentious Liberals talking out of their collective ass speaking the language that other asshole critics of the state take as gospel that have made us the premiere laughing stock of the Union.

  8. I think it's a bunch of b***** California should stay as it is California is as it should be I don't think it's fair just because some guy has a bunch of f**** money gets to come in and change millions of people's life how about all of us Millions go change his life and we don't need money for that

  9. , well somebody should find out where that Tech billionaire live and go beat his f**** ass take all his money and redistribute it to the people who have earned it here in California f*** that billionaire and if I can find his wife f*** her too

  10. all liberals need there own area period all the aids drugs god hating everything they push on normal society needs to stay there. then we will see who the stronger is. who the correct or politically correct is.


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