The Corporate Democrats Just Don’t Get It


On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Nomiki Konst and Jordan Chariton discuss the DNC transition advisory committee. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Jordan Chariton, and Nomiki Konst talk Bernie Sanders attacks, DNC letter, Jordan’s coverage in Alabama, and another shitty birthday.

Click to view the video on The Young Turks YouTUBE Channel.

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  1. tyt I believe is actually working on behalf of the GOP. They do a bait-and-switch of their allegiance and lately I see The Landings more in support of the GOP who are the true elitist and corporatist and globalist and yet I'm not hearing much criticism of them lately. this is why I unsubscribe from them period I would not be on here now if it didn't just happen to pop up on my YouTube. I don't trust tyt as a Democrat or a progressive

  2. The Democrats get it- they are doing EXACTLY what they are intended to do: ignore us (Progressives) and do the bidding of the Corporations. That's EXACTLY what their goals are. They get it completely.

  3. this is now become obviously a truck backing GOP lunatic site. as a Democrat and also as a progressive I have lost all respect for this site. Shame on you

  4. No TYT doesn't get it. THE DEMOCRATS ARE NOT PROGRESSIVE! THE GREEN PARTY IS PROGRESSIVE! Why are you trying to save the Demonrat party? Because you need something to BITCH about to be relevant. To shake down liberals for $$$

  5. I love Jimmy Dore. I wish TYT was calling for progressives to boycott the DNC entirely, ending the Dem narrative that the party is united. No money. No support, without progressive leadership. We are the heart of the party. Most Dems support our agenda, just not the leadership. But Cenk and TYT insists on playing within the DNC rules; progressives will never win that way. Justice Dems will never win that way.


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