The NES Classic outsold the Wii U in January



We all know the Wii U is floundering (and while discontinued, is still being sold at retail), but new information regarding January’s console sales only serve to explain the direness of the situation.

According to information reported by The NPD by way of Venturebeat, the NES Classic was the third best-selling console in January, behind the PS4 (which was first, and is back on top) and the Xbox One. If you haven’t added two and two together yet, the NES Classic outsold the Wii U.

I wonder how the Switch will factor in later this year after the honeymoon and the impulse buys from the Superbowl commercial-level marketing. If they can’t meet demand for the NES Classic, the Wii U is dead, the 3DS is old, and the Switch doesn’t sell, Nintendo will likely try to do something different other than doubling down on the Switch. What’s that? An SNES Classic with no stock issues? Okay. 

NPD: Nintendo’s NES Classic was January’s third best-selling console [Venturebeat]

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