This could change the way you use live videos on Instagram


Instagram just made a pretty significant change to its live videos. While live videos will continue to disappear from the app after the stream ends, broadcasters can now opt to save the clips to their camera roll. 

In the past, people may have been discouraged from live streaming via Instagram since they wouldn’t be able to keep the videos after their broadcast had ended. This move could encourage the app’s more influential users to take advantage of Instagram’s live streaming abilities. 

With the update, which is out now on iOS and Android, a “save” button will appear in the top right corner of the app after you finish a live video.

Alex Poucher

Saving a live video will only save the raw video you recorded—you won’t be able to preserve any interactions (comments, hearts etc.) with the people who watched. Still, for Instagram, this is something of a step back from its emphasis on keeping live video “in the moment.”

It also makes Instagram’s live video a bit more like Facebook’s, which may be surprising to some. But, given Instagram’s (and, let’s be real, Facebook’s) relentless push to kill Snapchat, any feature that stands to keep people in the app even a little longer shouldn’t be a surprise. 

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