To comment or not to comment: Questions remain about alleged Russian interference


RT America’s Manila Chan was at the House Select Committee on Intelligence, where FBI and NSA directors testified before concerning allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election and President Donald Trump’s claims his campaign was spied on.

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  1. More fucking stooges, they are under oath and need to be compelled to testify…waterboarded if necessary…the American people should have the answers to the most basic questions that face their democratic process or it is no Republic. They can give full answers without disclosing methods and sources, specifically if it relates to our own government spying on its own people, specifically for political purposes. These two men should be thrown in jail, until thy fully disclose the most basic questions about our government and its functioning.

  2. The US really has become a corrupt failed rouge state. Currently involved in numerous illegal undeclared wars around the globe. The people of America are in a very similar situation to the German people in the 1930;s. and they will pay the same price if they do not stand up.

  3. OF COURSE he can't comment on those things. This is being aired to the world. What kind of security chief would he be if he openly commented on national security issues aired all over the world.

    NO! He can't fucking comment on those things. Everybody knew that in advance.


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