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Being civil is SO IMPORTANT for establishment Democrats, despite the monster currently in office. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, breaks it down Dianne Feinstein’s reaction to a question about Trump getting impeached. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“At a time when the Democratic base is more restive than it has been in decades, Sen. Dianne Feinstein ignited a firestorm earlier this week when she refused to back the impeachment of President Trump and instead called for “patience” over his presidency.

The statements — provocative in Democratic circles and near-heretical in her hometown of San Francisco, where she made them — reflected a moderation and pragmatism that have been hallmarks of Feinstein’s career. But these qualities, after proving politically advantageous for decades, could become an albatross because of the state’s shifting demographics and political leanings as the 84-year-old decides whether to seek a sixth term.”*

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  1. She's tired of the bullshit…..she wants him to be able to do his job without all the democrats doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to stop him….even on stuff like healthcare which we all could use……let the man do his job

  2. I am starting to hate Senator Feinstein.  She has been there too long and she has become complacent and out of touch from her base.  Dump is evidently bad bad bad…  There is no ground she can give Dump any leeway any more.  More than six month has passed plus during the campaign, Dump has proven himself enough to be the nonsense—-he is unfit, disqualified and unethical president.  He should go.  There is no ground for patience  any more.  Senator Feinstein you should retire and let someone younger with new energy new idea most importantly having the spirit to fight to occupy your spot.  You are no longer qualified.  .

  3. Damn cenk, you ever gonna get off your high horse? You need to look over ALL of your "facts" and maybe have an open mind, cut back on the bias a little, idk you "could" be wrong. I know thats a shocking thing to say but not everyone is right. Make sure you are fighting for the right thing and if your literally gonna fight against free speech like a lot of these people are doing nowadays then i am sorry to point this out but you are in the wrong. everyone deserves a platform, it doesn't matter what the message unless it calls for Physical violence on someone or a group. you don't have to like their message, they don't have to like yours but nobody can silence you, isn't that a beautiful thing? Think about it this way, you would be ok if the white nationalists and the people you label "nazis" are silenced correct? Well what if everyone was against your ideas? What then? is it ok for them to silence you? your ideas are right in your eyes aren't they? There is this beautiful thing called free speech that a lot of people are trying to stop right now and honestly you are probably completely ok with it, that is how it is until the tables are turned.

  4. Wow you said so many things that I find completely f**** disgusting in this segment
    I wish that you could learn that America is tired of this smear campaign
    you really sound juvenile with terms like monster , and you're completely ridiculous notion that someone cant learn as they carry out their presidency..
    and your ageism reasoning..

    you know what I'm just pretty much going to give up on The Young Turks..
    you guys have gone downhill in such a staggering way since the election it's like watching The View


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