Trump Already Bought By Big Pharma


Trump is already in Big Pharma’s pocket. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how Trump has been bought by the drug companies. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“This article originally appeared on the International Business Times.

A week before his inauguration, Donald Trump said that when it came to drug prices, pharmaceutical companies were “getting away with murder”—and he pledged to take decisive action to reduce the rising cost of medicine. Six weeks into his presidency, though, his government has moved to help drug companies block shareholder initiatives designed to help bring more scrutiny to drug price increases.

With drug prices skyrocketing in the United States, investor groups last year filed shareholder resolutions with 13 drug companies that—if passed—would force their boards to more meticulously detail their price increases for major medicines, and to provide “the rationale and criteria used for these price increases.” Days after Trump met with pharmaceutical industry CEOs at the White House, the Securities and Exchange Commission endorsed drug companies’ moves to block the resolutions from being voted on by shareholders at their annual meetings. The SEC move followed Trump promoting Republican SEC commissioner Michael Piwowar to serve as acting chairman of the agency.

The SEC win for the pharmaceutical industry represents the latest victory for an industry that has been ramping up efforts to stop governments from taking action to lower—or force more disclosure about—drug pricing. Last month, federal lawmakers from both parties helped the industry block Senate legislation to let Americans purchase lower-priced FDA-approved medicines from Canada. Meanwhile, in the last two years, drug companies have been largely successful in their fight against a barrage of price transparency bills. Such legislation has been stymied in all but one state, Vermont.”

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  1. Trump was born into money and has spent his whole life chasing it! so why are so many Americans surprised that he hired some of the richest donors to be cabinet members! his message is unlike any other president I have ever seen….. But at the end of the day his intent is no different than any other politician who wants to fill his pockets with millions of dollars from his political constituencies and sell our rights and freedoms to the highest bidders!

    Trump supporters you have been totally duped!

  2. I am a trump supporter

    and I'm a racist too. I refuse to date Black women, because that's not what I am. Hopefully Trump takes his Immigration Ban 2.0 to the Supreme Court to prevent these idiot refugees wanting to sneak in here and blow everything up.

  3. Share holders are not required to vote when it obviously benefits them. One example is dividend payouts. In this case the inflated prices of company goods is also beneficial, so they are not required to vote. Only when it negatively impacts the share holders does it requires votes. One example is security convertion. Class A stocks don't allow voting for any reason for an example of this look at snap chat.

  4. I don't care. Obama was bought by Goldman Sachs. Bush was bought by Morgan Stanley. Corruption is an inherit part of the system. No one would run for office if there wasn't profit to be made. All I care about is my taxes being lowered.

  5. I say pass all Trumps policies. Once the Trumptards can't afford to see a doctor and their kids are looking like Somalian children playing in toxic pools maybe they'll notice.

    Murica number one at trying to be a third world country as fast as possible.

  6. Racism exists within everyone's subconscious mind

    I have had Black women ask me out which always put me in a position where I was quiet to respond. There is that awkwardness of going with someone outside your racial circle. I have this mentality, and millions of other do as well. There is no escape from having racism flowing in your brain circuits. I am proud to admit I am a racist.

  7. Trump voters: "Hillary is a corporate shill and a liar!!"
    Trump: is a corporate shill and a liar

    Trump voters: "Hillary used a private email server!!"
    Trump: cabinet uses private email servers

    Trump voters: "Hillary's gonna rig the election!"
    Trump: rigs election

    Coming from a Trump voter, an accusation is really a confession.
    Ever get called a "cuck" by a Trump voter? Welp…

  8. it's about price competition, most medicine doesn't have competition compared to things like clothing. I would be okay voting yes for price transparency on things like utilities and medicine that everyone needs but there's little competition.

  9. You mean cranking up the prices on medication is morally wrong but the rich orcs are in charge and the Goblin King is only out to benefit himself. Got love the sheer greed in America business and politics

  10. I don't think that Trump's in any pharma pockets. He wouldn't have put in the budget such venomous language against opiate addiction, and he would be working to reverse all the insurance companies that are dropping OxyContin as a covered medication, which a patent is still owned on.

    What I think is that he realizes the importance of stock stability in the market for the United States. Pharmaceuticals and medicine is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Unless you're looking to undermine that industry in hopes of establishing a different system, you don't pass legislation that can damage the investor trust in such an industry for no reason whatsoever.

  11. It's simple,supply and demand…the more of the demand the more the price increases. What is the problem here,if everyone would stop thinking a miracle drug is the answer to all of their problems,it would put an end to big pharmaceutical…everyone is on some kind of drug or prescription,you want it you got it,but you're going to pay a price…I'm 42 years old and have no prescriptions ,nor do I take any pils or drugs for anything,and yet here I am with no health or psychological problems like today's youth. Pharmacies are drug dealers!

  12. Damn it! I'm a woman with cerebral palsy & have worked all my life (two jobs) with NO hand out from the government & now that I'm in mortal pain, Trump is going to screw up pain meds for me. WHAT A COLLOSAL SHIT SHOW IN WASHINGTON!!!!!


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