Trump arrives in Texas amid ‘epic’ devastation by Hurricane Harvey


RT America’s Trinity Chavez and Marina Portnaya bring us the latest on the devastating floods brought on by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

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  1. Bet Ivanka deep throats Putin and Trump. She sat in both presidents seat in the past during meetings. She prob fcks all the politicians. How else would she be where she is and rest of them. Russian trolls defend the fake bimbo.

  2. Every time there's a disaster, they always say we could have never predicted this/no one could have seen this coming. Then we always find out that there are groups of people who have been predicting disaster but no one listened. In Murica, it always takes a disaster before anyone acts because no one has any courage to do the right thing because they are capitalists.
    If you wanted to hurricane and flood proof Houston, it would likely cost in the hundred of billions of dollars. No capitalist wants to pay for that but there certainly always is money for war. Muricans just love to keep worshipping capitalism.
    California is not prepared for an earthquake. Florida has frequent flooding and hurricanes but still not prepared. Then they'll say we never saw disaster coming even though the common person can see it.

  3. The last time there was a hurricane it hit North Carolina . They asked the Trump administration for over 900 million dollars for aid Trump and his elk gave them 6 million dollars. Then gave the Pentagon 65 billion. This might be the end of Houston TX as we know it. At least it will make for great photos opportunity. Trump made this whole thing about himself .

  4. Trump's response to this was great he made sure FEMA had what they needed on the ground before it hit and called the governor telling him he can have everything he needs right away. i can tell because if he was doing a shitty job the media would use it to attack him more but no now they REALLY have to reach to bitch that tells me that they got nothing. well done president trump


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