Trump Swears Nobody Cares About His Taxes (LOL)


Cities and towns around the country marched to demand Trump’s taxes. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Demonstrations took place Saturday in U.S. towns and cities to call for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, just days before Americans file their own taxes by the April 18 deadline.

The idea for the demonstrations, called the Tax March, began with a tweet by Vermont Law School professor Jennifer Taub, the day after millions of demonstrators met around the world for the Women’s March in January, in what was widely viewed as a reproach to Trump on his first full day in office.

The tax protests, which were planned in at least 40 states and five countries, were organized mostly by progressive groups and with the support of some Democratic lawmakers and members of the Working Families Party.

The demonstrations come as Trump prepares to release a plan for the country’s first major overhaul of the U.S. tax system since the 1980s. After an initial deadline was set for August, Trump has indicated that he would unroll the plan late this year.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John IadarolaCast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Let the IRS find something, they hate republicans.
    Why worry about taxes when Trump and Putin are actually twins and are planning to stop globalism and the elimination of their countries.

  2. Just give it time. I'm sure one of his upcoming "appointments" will take over the IRS, and ban anyone making over $250k from ever having to release them. Hell, they'll probably make it a felony just to ask…..

  3. if he did the impossible for Rs, it's in between him and the republicans! the tax returns are for the ppl! if he wasn't gonna show them, he shouldn't have run!!! take this imbecile down already to do apprentice for the rest of his sorry life., it's all a cheap play

  4. If there is nothing to hide, show your tax returns as returns.  Yes, tax returns brought up again, and again, and again, until you show the American people what you are hiding!  I care about what your returns are hiding.  Resist, not my president and never will be.

  5. TYT support islam, islam supports killing gays, tyt support killing gays. Dave rubin had to leave because cenks Muslim blood began to boil and he tried to throw dave off the roof as is normal in muslim culture

  6. It amazes me that people think he's not going to rob this country blind; he's a been in real estate/construction all his life and he just so happens to be pushing for the construction of a multi-billion dollar Wall???
    What's do you think the kickbacks would look like on a project like that?

  7. I have a horrible feeling that World War 3 will be all of us in the Free World having to invade the United States, probably via Mexico, to try to defeat the US Army and topple the fascist Trump. Of course, Trump will simply nuke every single city on Earth before he can be toppled.

  8. Protestors want Trump to release his taxes. Obama targeted Tea Party members through theirs. Which one got more people together to fight "corruption?" Oh, that's right. It's only corruption if the Left says that it is. My bad.

  9. How about working on that legislation to get presidential candidates to give a detailed tax record and to make conflicts of interest apply to the president. Trump exposed holes in the system and these dummies are going to be walking up and down the street till their feet bleed before they get what they want.

  10. Oh that's all I hear from trumpsters now when I bring up his taxes and his scam university.  Their argument is "Who cares"  They are like zombified parrot clones.


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