Trump Voters Asked About Trump


The results of a new focus group of Trump voters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have been released, and Donnie will NOT like them. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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“Outrageous,” “disastrous,” “abject disappointment,” “unique,” “off the scale,” “contemptible,” “crazy”: Donald Trump seems to have lost Pittsburgh, at least based on a focus group held in the city recently.

The group, a mix of people who voted for Trump or Hillary Clinton (plus one Jill Stein voter), came down hard on the president and Vice President Mike Pence during the session, sponsored by Emory University. Three people called Pence a “puppet,” and several used variations of “waiting in the wings,” though he was also called “quiet” and “reasonable.”

To a lesser degree, the voters also complained about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Asked to grade Congress, participants gave a collection of Cs, Ds and Fs, with most complaining that nothing is getting done.”*

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  1. Pennsylvania is being fracked to hell. They can't miss that. When your neighbor's kid has leukemia now that there are 20 frack wells within five miles and those "jobs" that were promised went to out of state dudes who don't care what they do in your backyard… even a Republican can get that.

  2. Trump is reinforcing the swamp because these are useful business contacts, he is on a money making exercise building his brand, ripping off the tax payers and giving his family perks and positions of influence !

  3. Might not be Trump again, but can you tell me any dems that are enticing? They are weak. I lean left, and I'm not voting for ppl like you Jenk or a weakling like Pocahontas. Justice dems? Haha. Is that satire.

  4. I live in PA and yes there are alot of racist rednecks here. They aren't horrible per se but they are VERY gullible and uneducated. Its on the VOTERS to educate themselves for 2018 and 2020. OF COURSE most politicians are going to lie to you, take it upon yourself to sort them out from the people that represent you.

  5. Does selling arms to other countries makes America great again? Does cutting educational funds makes America great again? Not even having any health plan, yet they want to repeal and replace make America great again? Does going to war with N. KOREA makes America great again? Does isolating u.s. from her neighbors makes America great again? Does a lying president makes America great again? Does a president who has no respect for the established institutions makes America great again? Does a president who racially divide instead of unite, makes America great again? Does a president who travel to visit Harvey hurricane and failed to visit just or only one victim, but talks about crowds, makes America great again? Does a president who wants everything in secrecy makes America great again.

  6. Whenever I hear so-called regular people sharing their opinion as to why they chose Trump, I just feel like laughing and crying simultaneously. While whacking them in the head with a shovel.

  7. The solution is to simply eliminate the regulation that allows donations to political parties. This has not always been legal. With the internet, why do we need multi-millions for campaigns?

  8. His biggest issue, the wall is a fluke. He was given that line by his aide and it mushroomed. So even his biggest issue was always a lie. He wants to not seem a liar but facts are facts. He never cared about a wall, once his fans latched on to it he was stuck.

  9. I think its not the established democrates who haven't learn any lessons. Its Americans who still believe they are a real democracy. The established know exactly what they are doing and what kind of people americans are, if not they would have changed.

  10. Here in Pittsburgh,
    Hillary got almost as many votes as Obama in 08.

    Outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh it's mostly Red.
    However, Pittsburgh is becoming more and more progressive.

    We're more East coast democrat rather than west coast liberal. We're what the rest of the rust belt should probably go towards healthcare and technology rather than blue collar jobs.


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