Trump’s clash w/ intel community is ‘damaging to American nat’l security’ ‒ fmr State Dept official


Larry King welcomes Joel Rubin, president of the Washington Strategy Group and former deputy assistant secretary of state, to discuss unverified media claims about shadowy relationships ‒ even blackmail ‒ between President-elect Donald Trump and the Russian government. Rubin also discusses Trump’s pick for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, as well the 40 ambassadorial positions to be replaced by the incoming administration. Then, Aasif Mandvi, former correspondent for “the Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and cast member “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” talks about fake news, the president-elect and his new TV role.

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  1. On RT's election night coverage Larry King said, "Hillary is not a criminal." What an incredibly brazen lie. Everybody knows she's a crook and a war criminal but Larry didn't even blink when he made that comment. Piss off propagandist.

  2. CIA is the most damaging to national security & citizens .
    They are the traitors & terrorist .
    CIA has little or no oversight and are worldwide fucking goons !
    Why didn't anyone grill Obama on his sealed records & fake birth certificate ? Because the fucking CIA put him in office ! Why ? For the destruction of America fundamentally and further the greater Israel project . Fuck CIA.

  3. Every time this Washington Insider comes on "Larry's Show". It lowers the credibility of the information and newscast.

    If your going to keep having him on, were better off watching CNN. Then we KNOW it's a lie.

  4. I love this situation Trump put himself in. He's setting himself up for an unprecedented failure just as his campaign and the election was an epic failure on many levels. Couldn't happen to a better guy. I hope the pundits I've watched are correct and he most likely will not last two years. Maybe not even that. I am getting more and more confident that he will never go beyond one term. His failure will be our reward. Progressives and liberals are the future of the democratic party. No more establishment failures. It's the Bernie wing straight forward.

  5. Russia is a scapegoat and a diversion from massive corruption. The Clinton campaign , the DNC and government/establishment tried to pull off massive corruption In the 2016 election and they got caught It is fully documented and the main stream /establishment fully ignores it and instead drives the rhetoric behind "fake news" garbage to hide their crimes and the majority is not buying it. The idea that Hillary Clinton who couldn't fill a broom closet with supporters won the popular vote is bullshit Leaving Trump as the only option the public showed up in such large numbers as to over turn the "cheat" and elect Trump regardless.

  6. I see Trump and Tillerson as positives if they keep us out of another war. 15 years of war is more than enough. It has to end. F*ck the intelligence community.

    Obama had already been in office for four years when Kerry took his position as Secretary of State totally different thing from Trump who has never served a political office.

  7. Helena Petrovna Blavatska, Has Isis FINally been unveiled? Holy Chao, BatMan! PUBLISHER'S DISCLAIMER This is a work of social, moral, religious and scientific satire, set in the Future. Pieces attributed to others (except the newspaper items acknowledged below) are parodies by the author. This work does not intend to malign any individual, race, organization or religion. It does intend to entertain the reader while increasing hir intelligence.

  8. This has the CIA written all over. What can you expect ? They are known to fund and arm rebellions,insurrections,assassinations and changes of regimes in several countries for years….

  9. Ya Riiiiiight I don't believe your FAKE POLLS 37% lol hahahaha YOU are FAKE This is so much BS! And it's why CNN is going AWAY. we're sick of you high n mighty thinking you can lie and get away with it. BYE


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