Turkey: 13 held over Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack


Police carried out simultaneous raids at 16 different addresses in Istanbul.

Alex Poucher

Turkey: 13 held over Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack

Three among suspected group are foreign nationals, state media says, days after 42 people were killed in suicide blasts.

Click to view original posting on the Al Jazeera Facebook page.


  1. props to the turkish police for their bravery x reaction speed. they were all over the terrorists in a matter of seconds. the video i saw of the police gunning down the assault rifle-wielding terrorist, then walking casually from there…i respect that. thats bravery. thats heroism. not opening fire on innocent civilians. kudos turkish polis

  2. Mossad and Israel did that crime. Israel is the state of evils but the media is always blame al Qaeda or so called “Islamic terrorists”.but it didn’t blame CIA OR MOSSAD EVEN ONES….

  3. Wish we could react this way here in the US. over here we just blame the NRA, Republicans, Donald Trump, Christians, while our President assuresus that no Muslims feelings will be hurt in the performance of this investigation.

  4. Why doesn’t America hunt these pests like Turkey has after being attacked? Well mostly because America employs said terrorists, if we eliminated them how could we ensure more attacks….how can you instill fear if you eliminate the cause.


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