Turkey’s political future tested in Europe


The Turkish diaspora in Europe could prove crucial to the outcome of an upcoming referendum.
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Alex Poucher

Turkey’s political future tested in Europe

Could Europe-Ankara tensions affect Turkey’s upcoming referendum vote?

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  1. Turkey has every right to follow. .their own rule…which is in favour of Turkey. …simply it’s personal matter of Turkey. ..and if citizens of Turkey .are satisfied ..with their government decision…then no country has right to interfere in personal matter of Turkey (and same goes for other countries)

  2. Erdogan tend to b good . He is able to rally support from d majority but i dont like his romance with Putin to destroy Syria in support of a tyrant Assad. Y are d Kurds complaining about him?

  3. All the power to turkey for seeking its ow interest, for too long it sought European approval, only to be shunned because it is a majority Muslim country, its time it stands for its values. Europe is becoming divided anyway.

  4. President Erdogan i told U have a vote from Africans just leave alone those who r against ur Gorvement President Erdogan u r turkish erected President by majority long live erdogan u r# king david of ankala

  5. Turkey’s political power is tested in Europe bcs a new turkey which is ethically,politically,economically,militarily and islamically strong is emerging in sha Allah that is why Europe is barking like dogs. From somali bro

  6. Who want to put more power in the hands of absolute moron who only wants conflicts between muslims and non Muslims?
    Addressing hate all the time. Trying to intimidate the people of Europe…. for what? Want did the European citizens do wrong with Erdogan?
    He makes Turkey look like a nation of hysteria and hate. Hope the Turkish vote wisely and against the hate and intolerance of Erdohitler.

  7. Erdogan is the best leader of Europe. West is trying to topple him. West was behind coup. They couldn’t condemn coup but they are condoling for putschists. They are banning Turkish ministers and people but they’re allowing Terrorists PKK!!
    They are using dog to disperse people. It’s their true face. It’s their double Standard.


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