Two More Victims Of ‘Honor Killings’ In Pakistan


In Pakistan, two mothers have been arrested for killing their own daughters because of who they chose to marry. Subscribe for more videos: …

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  1. I'm Pakistani and this is a cultural problem and not religion. My parents wants me to marry a woman within my own race and someone from their own village and I strongly disagree althought my parents won't go that far to killings.

  2. people have to understand They're Are African Sufi's (Islam) and this shot doesn't go on. It's honestly their culture. I know most of you won't but if you study these places when they were pagans they were even worst lol They have never respected women nor children. Even Muhammad I think spoke about how terrible they were when they were pagans. In all honesty Islam calmed them down lol Now I give no ducks about any Abrahamic religions cause they've all enslaved my people BUT this is deeper then religion this attitude has been with them for centuries….

  3. RIP , a sister has been killed for no reaon this is a sad tradition that must be dealt with harshly.Justice can be served by sending both the witch of a women and her son to jail fr the rest of their living lives.RIP.

  4. Hey +comb528491 stop deleting comments and answer me, my brother 🙂

    Brother 🙂 You are still sidestepping my questions. Where in the quran does it say that you have to see a psychologist, like you mentioned above? Also where does it say you need to have a third party to suggest marriage or the girl needs to have experience with women before marriage? Failure to provide the proof would make this conversation we are having completely pointless and make you look fully asinine and a sinner since you are changing the words of allah. And you still haven't provided any works of Khawlah bint Hakimm, which psychologists use today. Ibn Sirin books all involves interpretation of dreams, unless you can provide links to his studies, which again, modern psychologists use. Otherwise what's the point of seeing modren psychologist, if they don't follow the works of allah verified psychologists?

    Advanced technology lol What hocus pocus are you talking about? Modern scientists/biologists/doctors/psychologists have determined that it takes a girl (and a boy, not relevant to the conversation) 14-17 years to become fully mature both mentally and physically and therefore an adult. That's why a treaty called "Convention on Consent to Marriage, Minimum Age for Marriage and Registration of Marriages" by United Nations set the age of marriage for all countries to 18, with a few exceptions coming down to 15 years of age or some countries where both the parties have to be older than 18 years. But that's preposterous and would make what our prophet (1 year old pussy be upon him) did and countless muslim brothers of our do, completely wrong and against the law. And that can never happen! That's why muslim countries have loopholes, oh, I mean laws, which allows child marriage, no fuck, I mean, adult marriage to take place, which is permitted by quran and allah, with no minimun age for marraige and 3 requirements to meet, which are: puberty, consent of the bride and consent of the father or other male family figure, because fuck the mother, bitches be crazy 🙂

    Oh allah what a beautiful world you have created for us. I am hearing rumor that a 4 year old is having puberty somewhere around my city. Oh such a wonderful thing, a 4 year old adult. Must go check it out myself 🙂 Praise allah, you worthless non-believers! Only he can fulfill your every dream if you obey him!

  5. Honor killings are a trace of the Jahiliyyah. Jahiliyyah refers to the Pre-Islamic culture, and have nothing to do with Islam. You will find Sikhs and Hindus also engage in this. You can't blame Jahil culture on Islam.

  6. no one here is confused about religion and culture. Islam is a religion culture and political movement. this culture is run by the religion..they are one in the same. the quran says you cannot marry out. that is where the idea comes from.

  7. That's so incrediblely fucked up like how do societies like that still function today people with this kind of wildly outdated mindset should be left out to rot in the woods


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