UK: ‘Hands off our NHS!’ protesters march to parliament


Protesters marched to parliament in London on Saturday, demanding that the UK government ceases to carry out cuts to the National Health Service (NHS).

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.


  1. Privatizing healthcare is for short sighted idiots who themselves will eventually pay the most. There is no profits in healthcare. Too much has to be given for free and there is no way around it. Unless everyone is a millionaire or you can find doctors or rescue workers who will let low income people die. If you can, they aren't going to be the kinds of people to trust with your healthcare, either.

  2. As with the welfare state in General: The left proclaims to protect this collective but at the same time follows a policy that does great in the Long run even lethal harm to said collective. We want to sustain the NHS! Good, then crack down on health tourism like pregnant women from Nigeria going on vacation in Britain and coincidentally giving birth in a NHS Hospital.


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