UK: Theresa May seeks snap General Election for June 8


UK Prime Minister Theresa May called for a general election to take place on June 8, arguing that the national vote was needed for stability, during an …

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.


  1. Slippery knowing we might not be happy with her after the brexit . And she is poor on brexit .Corbyn very poor , Farron very very poor . Nigel FaRAGE Very good . So it's FaRAGE for PM !!

  2. I would never vote for a Tory or Labour or all the rest of the rubbish political establishment, we can rule ourselves we have the Technology they are all for the Global elite and what have the Labour Party before and the Tories done for the Working man I'll tell you nothing but the Rich go google the tax breaks and bank levies they have had , although you will vote for this Drabble , Wake up and get with it , everyone of them are for the rich .

  3. Damn, a backdoor second referendum. However, the Tories are ahead in the polls so hopefully she's playing a strong hand. The people have already spoken and the opposition parties be warned, you're playing with fire if you oppose the people's will on this. No surrender, Albion to win.


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