UN report decries Israeli settlements’ ‘alarming pace’


Israel accused of the “subjugation” of Palestinians’ humanity.

Alex Poucher

UN report decries Israeli settlements’ ‘alarming pace’

US boycotts UN rights council as special rapporteur accuses Israel of ‘the subjugation’ of Palestinians’ ‘humanity’.

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  1. Israel always shows its injustice and brutal behavior against plastine people.First Israel occupy plastine land and killed innocent people.
    Israel miletary and government’s shameful face world see again and again bt still so called superpower countries support Israel why? They have no logical answers.Isreal is terrorist country

  2. Subjugation is an infraction of the law , israel doesn’t incline to stop settlements that is an inconceivable for the independence of plastinion who are under enemy , israel must know that a land belongs it’s man , and will not live for durable live until it inhibits it’s bad action although israel has no inhibition just like children .

  3. In so called ”Apartheid Israel”, Arabs are supreme court Judges, Ministers and Ambassadors, have 14 elected Arab representatives MPs in Israeli Parliament. Arab Political party are the 3rd largest Party in Israel and 1.8 Million Arab Population in Israel have more democratic right and freedom than any individual in the Arab world.

    In the Apartheid Palestine, they want a State where Jews and Christians are not allowed to obtain citizenship and live in the lands they’ve lived for generation, a future State run by dictators and the law is Sharia just like every other Arab States where Jews are not allowed to live or even visit.

    States that will continue to incite discriminatory, hatred and violent against the minorities.

    State that incites stabbing, running people over with cars, using suicide bombing and throwing rocks and molotov cocktail to the Jews civilians.

    Apartheid at The UN is already well entrenched, a permanent agenda for censoring the Jewish homeland, more resolution against Israel than any other Nation in history, even Apartheid States like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and other Arab Nations that has gross Human right violation.

    The illegal Indonesia that occupied Papua.
    The illegal Turkish and Arab occupation of the Kurds.
    The illegal Turkish occupation of Cyprus.
    The illegal Morocco occupation of western Sahara.
    The illegal China occupation of Tibet.
    The illegal Pakistan occupation of Kashmir and Balochistan.
    The illegal Spain occupation of Catalonia.
    The illegal UK occupation of the (las Malvinas) Falkland Islands.
    The illegal Malaysia occupation of Sabah and Sarawak.

    In the end, all the countries mentioned above are overlooked and their occupation and Human rights violation are swept under the rug, coalition become The Organization of Islamic Cooperation alliance with the Communist Nations and coward European countries who believe that when it comes to the Arabs, oil exportation triumphant Human rights, including a member of European Union part of her territory is occupied by Turkey.

  4. I wish they treat Palestinians with the same respect they expect from others. If they build one house for the Israelis, build one for the Palestinians…only love and care will bring peace…


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