United Kicks Wedding Couple Off Plane


United Airlines is facing more criticism. Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why they’re facing backlash this time. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. https://www.tytnetwork.com/go

“A couple flying to Costa Rica for their wedding were removed from a United Airlines flight in Houston on Saturday.

The incident happened nearly a week after a video showing a passenger being dragged off a Chicago-to-Louisville flight went viral.

Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell are scheduled to get married on Thursday.

They talked KHOU-TV in Houston:

“Michael Hohl, the groom, said he and his fiancee, Amber Maxwell, were the last to board the plane.

“According to Hohl, they noticed a man was spread across their row napping when they approached their seats, 24 B and C.

“Not wanting to wake the man, Hohl said they decided to sit three rows up in seats 21 B and C. He said they didn’t think it would matter because the flight was half full with multiple empty rows.

“We thought ‘not a big deal, it’s not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat,'” said Hohl. “We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat.”

Read more here: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/04/17/524296265/bridal-couple-removed-from-united-airlines-flight-without-incident

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Grace Baldridge, Brett Erlich


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  1. I'm sorry Grace, that was a really bad reporting on the background of what happened. The couple claim that someone else was in their seats and asleep which is why they were not in their assigned seating. Pretty vital contextual information.

  2. I would rather walk on my hands than deal with airports and airlines, I will never fly. a boat can get me to Europe and Asia, might take longer but I wouldn't be crowded nor insulted nor deal with obnoxious security and flight attendants nor will I ever have to worry about being kicked off

  3. United airlines atleast changed policy.Its always like big airlines doing what they want to do because of their position in market. Not that many players in the market.So burden comes to the passenger.

    Brett Erlich looks drunk on studio?

  4. its obvious the couple wanted to create drama. they repeatedly going to seats they did not payed for even after repeatedly warned. just another trash looking for attention and some free cash.

  5. Brett always weaves neo-liberal bullshit into his rants and interjections. The guy knows how to talk but the content of his contributions is pretty worthless.

  6. Horrible video. Overbooking is bs and this prick in this video defends overbooking and says it's okay to get bumped as long as you are not seated. It's not okay to get bumped and told to go home and fly the next day. This is corporate greed and this channel defends it. Pathetic

  7. Stop the overbooking scheme.
    You'll be amazed at how much better the Airline industry will be if they stopped these business practices.
    As for all of these passengers who are now trying to get in on a big payday by instigating lawsuits, TOO FUCKING BAD.

    This is what happens when you consistently rip people off, eventually it will all come back on you.

  8. United are arseholes. But, the couple discussed in this video were VERY in the the wrong for trying to steal upgraded seats. And, were they even the bride and groom? it sounds like they were just guests.

  9. Not a fan of what United did to David Dao, but we go through this horseshit all the time: Everybody wanting to cash in on the controvercy somehow. It reminds me of when that woman sued McDonalds for getting burned by their coffee. Then everybody was trying to sue McDonalds for everything, from find stuff in the drinks (all planted) to saying human body parts were in their fries! America is sue-happy!

  10. I really don't understand why United is "facing backlash" for this. Those two were just greedy assholes trying to get an upgrade without paying for it. Who are the people United is allegedly facing backlash from? Other greedy assholes perhaps?


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