US officials ignore history of Korean War, falls back on ‘crazy’ Kim


As tensions with North Korea rises and the media continues to push for red lines in President Trump’s foreign policy, what historical context is missing from the conversation? Is the North Korean government simply irrational and belligerent or are historical forces behind Pyongyang’s behavior. Mark Selden, senior research associate in the East Asia program at Cornell University, joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to discuss.

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  1. The NK people don't get to see the rest of the planet like some do. Kim doesn't travel around the planet like most national leaders do. Kim is a spoiled royal runt who is just doing what he was trained/brainwashed to do. Korean problems are not new but they are serious. Also typical media distraction. What else is going on in, on ,under and around the earth? only an opinion

  2. CNN spearheaded the " Korean threat " starting yrs ago and last several months " N Korean Threat " was REPEATED over and over while they said nothing about Saudis destroying Yemen and pretending N Korea will bomb " Seattle " and they still repeat that fear mongering " Could bomb Seattle " but WHY . Are they that suicidal to take on the worlds super power or is MSM EXAGGERATING , MANUFACTURING this " threat " to serve interest's of globalist ..

  3. North korea IS the problem no matter how idiotic the US government has been, it doesn't change the fact that North Korea chose the road of total and absolute dictatorship – as opposed to the direction China took (more freedom). These idiots supporting north korea are like idiot leftie libtards supporting islamists.

  4. America has been at war 213 years out of 240. So much for Christians being Peacemakers, the meek will inherit the earth. "Only God is good" so what does that make every Christian? Sheep don't kill drink blood eat flesh wash in blood and need to wear lambswool to act like sheep, by the great abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Instead of the fear of God and judgement of fruit and works. It is the fear of Satan and the Law Jesus the Christ says fulfilled by love, Jesus the God lies claiming the law he destroys. Jesus the Christ that was sent and died murdered trying to save this world. Jesus the God, the one without God for his Father that has many Fathers all virgin mortal men all claiming to be the Holy Father; when the word says do not call disciples fathers for ye are all equal serving the other brothers and sisters the children of god, cannot wait to destroy it. Seems that Christians are following the Example of the destroyer spirit of this world perfectly generally speaking. The 4 horsemen all holy Generals leading the Christian Army War is Holy and of Jesus the God saying pray to his Mommy in the name of Mary. Jesus the Christ said what about War and the weapons used to murder and harm children? WE HAVE A RELIGION PROBLEM.

  5. The Korean War was supposed to be easy; U.S. lost. Vietnam was supposed to be easy; U.S. lost. Iraq= lost. Afghanistan= losing. Libya= disastrous clusterf##. Syria= losing. Nuclear armed North Korea, with subs off the west coast, Alaska and Hawaii=?

  6. They act ignorant but they know what's up. Europeans are born liars. I like how everyone pretends we don't have Labor camps in America. What do you think prison is? Realize prison was not invented until black people were free of slavery. Then they brought in drugs and guns so they could lock them up. God returns soon and guess what he's black and pissed.

  7. And Spicer today refrenced the red line, saying: We are done with red lines, we saw how that worked! And so now the Whitehouse is using a false flag attack and years of anti-Assad propaganda to justify taking out North Korea!

  8. America never stop invade the others for moneys n resources. It's getting worse since the federal reserve is keep stealing trillions from the Americans years by years . As long as the Zionists bankers cartels terrorist organizations is in power there won't be any change to this united states of Zionists America .

  9. What happened to "America first"???? the Korean War has never ended….this is just a rouse to justify increased Military budgets as America, Russia, and Now China are all gearing up for an "arms" race.

  10. Lol RT comments are so stupid. North Korea started the Korean war when they attacked South Korea. The US intervened to keep the entire Korean peninsula from dictatorship. South Korea is one the most successful countries in the world, their technology is top notch, S. Koreans are some of most educated people in the world, plus they have something called human rights. Yes, those evil Americans protecting S. Korea from becoming a shit hole quasi monarchy like the North where listening to music that the Kim regime doesn't like can get you executed in public.

  11. The Kim regime could have taken a path to prosperity and gained world respect like South Korea has, but they have decided to follow this path to a failed state. Its the Kim regime's fault, and no one else. Unfortunately, all of the North Koreans have suffered.

  12. this man is full of bs – they have been testing their bombs too close without american threat – so i call bs – they just sent one in the japanese sea ??? wtf ??? countries have been trying for over 60 yrs to make any agrement – nooo – soo–

  13. Lets put this problem in common sense approach. The Communist North Koreans nearly mercilessly wipe out the Democratic South after breaking away from Imperial Japan until the West stepped in and drove them back. Right? But now the North is trying to "liberate" the South from the "evil" westerners… while the South enjoys so much wealth, prosperity and free trade with the rest of the world that it spends hundreds of millions on Video game tournaments… among other things, all of which are available in Democratic Capitalist societies, whereas the North starves in a Communist Dictatorship and fires provoking missiles at its neighbors every so often…
    Common sense people… use it

  14. North korean politics have been fairly consistent over the last years.
    They respond to any provocation very similar and their behavior is aimed at preserving the regime.
    Those who call north korea "crazy" can't or don't want to understand them. It's pretty straight forward.

  15. One day America might win a war!! Been a long long time considering all the wars they have been in. You have tried to bully your way around the world for to long now. Your messing with real armies now, North Korea have been planning this for decades as they have every reason to, they know what bullies the yanks are. You will never learn, I wouldn't underestimate the North Koreans at all, they will fight to the last living being to stop the evil tyranny. If Russia and China get involved then your seriously fucked big time, bye bye America!!! I'm pretty sure other countries would love to stick the boot in on the yanks as well, but oh yeah the Americans are the world peace keeper the saviours of tyranny around the world hahaha like fuck you are! The false flag tactics and the utter bullshit to justify your wars are beyond comical it's embarrassing. I'm looking forward to watching the War crimes trial in defeated USA on tv when the time comes, gonna need a shit load of rope!!!

  16. Terrible historian. History: 1900's Japan annexed Korea; WW2 Russia at the North & US in the South squeezed out Japan; Russia pulled out of the North leaving a vacuum; China filled it with it's ideologies; N. Korea attacked S. Korea; S.Korea pushed back and invaded N. Korea with help of US; China came to the rescue & N. Korea invaded most of the peninsula; that's when US threatened China (atomic bombs) & bombed the hell out of N. Korea helping the South regain it's territories. The bad player in this IS CHINA. China should have encouraged the N. and S. to reunite instead of using N. Korea as a damper zone.


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