USA: Bernie Sanders is back kicking off his Democratic Unity tour with Portland rally


US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders held the opening rally of his Democratic Unity tour in Portland, Monday, in which he focussed on social policies. Video …

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.


  1. Marxist commie buffoon, so good at pointing out the problems, but never offering any feasable solutions other than wealth redistribution, a.k.a. stealing it from people who earn it and work for it via bigger government and legislation, then trading it to American plantaion inhabitants for votes. IF YOU ARE IN AMERICA, AND YOU WANT IT, THEN EARN IT BY THE SWEAT OF YOUR BROW. SAVE FOR IT, LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, INVEST IN REAL PROPERTY, DONT BE A CARNAL BUFFOON, CREATE WEALTH BY PERSONAL PRODUCTION AND SWEAT EQUITY. GET IT HONEST, DONT LIE, DONT CHEAT, DONT STEAL. LEARN A TRADE. PUT YOUR MIND AND HANDS TO A TASK AND PROSPER.

  2. Haha.. More promises, more campaign buzz words and slogans; health, crime, jobs etc… Same deal through Obomber, and the Orange clown. Wow I hope the 'Murican population votes for Bernie, it will be a classic –> SSDD.

  3. Bernie= Killary, so anyone who supports this man is supporting criminals and you know what ppl say 'you are a reflection of those you choose to be around you or your ideals' making you a criminal by association. SOCIALISM AND FASCISM is a countries downfall, research history or Venenzuela today for proof of evidence.

  4. Bernie is a nasty, drooling, depend wearing commie, hunchback slob who needs to go away. I never understood what some folks see in him as being a POTUS, people are Nucking Futs!!!

  5. i think sanders is planning a 2020 presidential run is he going to win doubtful he's like almost 80 its time for him to retire from senate no socialist will ever be president and no 80 year old well Mugabe in Zimbabwe is like 100 years old I think democrats should nominate Elizabeth warren or that guy from Newark Cory Booker or deval Patrick but warren sounds more pro people of the 3 I'd vote for her if I was a liberal but god forbid Hillary Bernie could have won if he sued Clinton and DNC for stealing a nomination but he didn't so I gave up on democrats and went to trump I'd vote trump over Bernie I don't really like Elizabeth warren much she endorsed Clinton I d go with trump over warren


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