USA: ‘El Chapo’ arrives in New York City following Mexico extradition


The notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman arrived at the Manhattan Detention Complex in New York City, Thursday, following the Mexico …

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.

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  1. each prisoner cost tax payers 80,000 a year. this big fish should cost the tax payers 5 times that amount.
    And USA has 20 trillion dollars debt. is either we getting dumber or we have wrong people leading this country?

  2. this isn't going to effect one person that wants drugs in the US not one. need to start working on these drug companies they try to take people focus off of we're it should be

  3. honestly it seems weird that out of the no where the US was able to bring him here without the mexican government interfering with his capture.I think that the Mexican government has something to hide and that's why they sended him far away from them as possible.. i really don't know those are just my thoughts


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