Venezuela: One dead in shooting at Caracas protest referendum


One woman was killed and three more injured after gunmen opened fire on people queuing to vote in an unofficial referendum organised by the opposition to …

Click to view the video on the Ruptly YouTUBE channel.


  1. A 61 year old nurse was killed by gunfire coming from the group of motorcyclists seen at the beginning. These are the black-clad thugs used by the government to spread terror among civilians who were waiting to cast their vote. The Police, meanwhile, did nothing.

  2. Prayers starting right now for the people and the leaders of Venezuela.  No to darkness. Yes to light. Yes to love. Yes to safety and prosperity. Leaders of the banking system… please help the people of this world. It's not about control. It's about helping the people to be happy and safe and healthy. Say no to World Dictatorships for any reason. Say yes to helping people to be free and happy. No to Controls over the populations of the world. Yes to GOOD.


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