‘We only shoot black people’ – Georgia police officer


When a female driver was reluctant to move her hands out of fear of being shot during a routine traffic stop in Cobb County, Georgia, the police lieutenant who’d stopped her said, “you’re not black” and “we only kill black people.”

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  1. Cops are paid for me to protest them and critique all there actions.
    They don't get paid for jokes or to think for that matter.
    Save those jokes for the dinner table.
    Am i right people?
    Come on wtf.
    Racists are flipping everywhere.
    I say we start burning these racist assholes alive hung upside down in a tank semen and we cook there children into mcdonald apple pies to feed to the homeless so they don't go hungry.
    Am i right people lol rofl ajcoomasdf lol.
    Fuck Nazi's

  2. Wow, he was joking about the hysterical media lying about cops killing black people, and the hysterical media picks it up as if he were saying is seriously, way to prove his point.

  3. He's obviously not being serious.
    Oh and i love all these comments saying
    "Cops aren't paid to be sarcastic"
    Shut the fuck up.
    And neither do you so if you make any jokes at work tomorrow im going to be there with black block to fuck you up.
    God damn racist pigs.
    Tired of this shit.
    When are we actually going to be free?
    Because these nazi cops oppress us for just walking down the street with a bag of skittles, a box cutter and a water bottle full of pooh and pee.
    Suck my dick white america.

  4. The really sad part is that the socialist liberals want me robbed to pay for their welfare and the conservative communists want me robbed to pay for their police state. I on the other hand want neither of them robbed by other people to pay for what I want

  5. He was being sarcastic to try and bring humor in to deescalate the situation since she was so nervous and tense. It may not have been the best comment, but it was just in humor so she wouldn't be so nervous and end up doing something crazy like running once she got out of the car.

    She was clearly shaken up and trembling in her voice. She clearly honestly feels scared and in danger, he just doesn't want her to do something crazy while under duress and her fight or flight kick in when the situation is completely fine and shes in no danger.

    This is also the clear proof of the HARM the negative reporting of police does. Police as a whole work entirely legally and lawfully. Helping their communities, but the bad apples get nationwide coverage for weeks. Then this happens, you have normal people being scared for their life just cause they got pulled over.


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