‘We should heal this hurt’: Koreans yearn for reunification


Even as rising tensions between North and South Korea risk widening the gulf between the two countries, countless Koreans hold fast to the hope of eventual reunification. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario explores Imjingak, a monument park in the extreme north of South Korea near the DMZ and heavily fortified border with the North. People routinely leave flags, ribbons, mementos and messages in honor of loved ones “left behind,” trapped for decades on the other side.

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  1. Hint….Hint…..Ummm! America you're not wanted, AGAIN! Go home feed your 15 million malnourished children, and put together a universal healthcare plan. Mind your business!

  2. Without fighting, it's only possible if KJU is the leader for unified korea, I don't think south korean or their allies want that, but i believe sooner or later north and south would be unified.

  3. China, Russia, USA, and Japan do not want a unified Korea.. China & Russia definitely dont want a unified Korea that aligns with USA. So South Korea is fucked

  4. you want reunification? it is simple. remove the Jong Un family and all of their supporters from power and de-establish the Communist system in North Korea. then there will be peace and reunification can happen with that wicked family and the Marxist offshoot removed from the lives of the people.

  5. South Koreans have been pursuing unification with NK, but Trump wants War after provoking NK. Trump….who the hell is he trying to control, destroy both countries??? US government is fucked up Evil in foreign policy.


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