Western media treats Syrians as pawns on their chessboard – activist


A deadly terror attack on buses evacuating civilians from Idlib, Syria reportedly killed more than 100 people, most of them children. RT correspondent Lizzie Phelan has the story. Then Brian Becker, national director of the ANSWER coalition, joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to discuss the tragic attack and mainstream media’s anti-Assad bias and selective reporting.

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  1. This is staged. Seriously. This is staged. That boy is the actor from the white helmets famous video & the "kids" are actors. This is fake fake fake.
    What's so bizarre is why would they do this?? Why would children be there without parents? Actors. Fucking weird. Assad is the only decent one on the bunch.

  2. Russia treats Syrians and everyone else like puppets and pawns too, so what the fuck is your point? So tired of RT always gettin ppl on to defend em saying they aint bias blah blah. Fact of the matter is, RT is a blatant Putin/FSB mouthpiece. They always attack "the west" and everyone not dickriding Putin.. its so annoying. They made a big deal of Us accidentally droning SF… But Russia did the exact same fuckin shit to SAA! What hypocritical lying backward fucks! They always attack US& Allies, but never once talk about what equally as bad things that they have done lol. RT… step away from bias/stop being obvious Putin/FSB mouthpieces.. its really annoying asfuck now, and the hypocriticalness is just fuckin hilarious.


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