Why are Palestinians praying outside al-Aqsa Mosque?


Alex Poucher
Why are Palestinians praying outside al-Aqsa Mosque?

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  1. Where are saudis and uae protesters? Where are the fighter of terrorism…? Loool. In fact Saudia blocks wants to punish Al Jazzera in order to not cover such events. I am sure that the demands from saudia camp are hidding a coming important event which will involve israhell and the arab sionists.

  2. Can we stop saying ‘third-holiest’ site. It sounds so wrong. It is a holy place – thats it. Just like Majid al-Haram compoind and the Prophet’s Majid compound, the Al-Aqsa Masjid compound is holy too. It’s in the Holy Land.
    Besides, seems like slowly the Zionist are gaining control of the Temple Mount and all the ‘Muslim Countries’ are busy eyeing Qatar. Ha!
    Soon there will be no Palestine at all the way the State of Israel is grabbing the Palestinian lands. And then the evil Zionists who call themselves ‘Jew’ will have no problem taking full control of Temple Mount.

  3. this is just one more step in Israel’s quest to justify taking control of the Mosque. Israel’s goal is to drive out or kill off every Palestinian or Mulsim from the land they claim God gave them thousands of years ago. if you read the Tora the Jews were proud to commit genocide when they first took the land and are willing to do it again.

    Gaza is nothing more than a ghetto much like Germany used against Jews in the 1930’s and 40s so rather than learning how bad Genocide is, Israel just learned new ways of committing it.

  4. The Muslims has record of opposition to every counter-terrorism measures in UK, France, Australia, Germany, US and beyond, they use the term Islamophobia to make sure that there will be no counter-terrorism measure to stop terrorist attacks or to stop people from their community who travel elsewhere to join Islamic terrorist groups. So It’s up to them to pray anywhere they like, as long as they don’t plot more terrorist attacks against the Israeli security guards that protects the sites. Muslims have always oppose every security measure to prevent terrorist attacks, and CCTV camera because they know what they preach in the Mosques that they doesn’t want people to view despite the fact that there has been so many leaked videos of them inciting violence and hatred against the Jews, Christians, Atheist and other religious minorities.

  5. Many Catholics in the United States say that their dream is to visit the Holy Land. Not I. Of course this place is deemed “holy” by the three monolithic religions. But, many of the Christians that I know, do not recognize the validity of the other two religions. The Jews do not accept the validity of Christianity nor Islam. The Muslims do not accept the validity of the other two. It does seem that all three claim this tiny piece of real estate, as “Holy” and “theirs” Yet, each one of them claim to worship the same God of Abraham, and recognize the same prophets of the Book. So, I give them the Holy Land. Let them fight and kill each other for this tiny geographical location. I only hope to be forgiven my this same God, and be accepted into Heaven. I believe that His kingdom is not of this world, and he would not approve of fighting over this piece of land. I let my fellow Catholics to take their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Let the Muslims worship in their Mosque, and let the Jews pray at their wall. Just leave me out, because y’all cannot get along.

  6. They prefer to go in with terrorists hiding weapons? They seems to agree with the terrorists?. Prayer? What prayers with weapons? Shun evil and live a peaceful life. Viva la Isreal. Do whatever you can to protect yourself from terrorism. Those that have something to hid will always shy away from scrutiny.

  7. There is no alternative way for Muslim Ummah without being united. If Muslims want to protest against Jewsh terrorism so it, they have to be united as early as possible otherwise they have to torture by various terrorists. Jews are succeeded to make bad think against All the Muslim All around the eastern world. They made 1000 Film against Muslims this is how Americans are not informed Muslim’s hearts.

  8. This is what Trump and his son in laws wants to achieve. Palestinian people and land under the Israel. It’s totally irrelevant if Jordan meant to be the protector of Al-Aqua Mosque. Israel has the control.

  9. Now who’s the real terror? Where are the so called international human rights groups who are suppose to fight for human right? These people have been deprived of their rights to perform religious activities. What have you done? Double standard?

  10. So Muslims pray in the street and Israel Jew don’t allow them??? So we clearly see who the oppressed are? Israel are evil…. can’t stand what they do. Wait plus even take our tax dollar. I can’t believe how people are blind….

  11. Imagine carrying weapons into any religious facility or structure, using those same weapons to kill other human beings, then expecting sanctuary from punishment.

    If you don’t like security measures, then don’t carry weapons into the mosque, hiding like criminals.

  12. Because most of the Arab leaders are playboy !
    They don’t want Palestine liberation anymore !

    They just Concern about grabbing the power !

    Wait guys this Israel will attack you soon !

    Saudi Arabia is the number one culprit !

  13. They r literally protesting measures taken by Israel to prevent yet another terror attack by yet another murderous SOB
    Once more we see plainly the support of the fakestinians for terror, even when it happens on the holiest site for Judaism

  14. Ashan Javid. Please don’t paint all Africans as “trolls” Remember the Somali’s, and other Muslim Africans. However, by his name, I am guessing that he is from Nigeria, and I do notice many Nigerians on the Internet who are very anti Muslim. Or so it seems.

  15. No intention to butthurt you my fellow Humans but are you(Islamic Countries) not doing thesame to non Muslims practicing their religion to your country? Just asking. Not all but Majority are.

  16. What you call a “terrorist” “attack” is actually backlash for hostile invasion, mass murder and genocide by colluding governments.Just look a maps of the West Bank over the last ten years…and see Israeli settlements eating it up, one settlement at a time. And the Israelis wonder why people shoot rockets at them….

  17. 3 Palestinians were killed? You mean 3 terrorists who are Israeli-Palestinian in fact, and who shot two other Arab-Israeli policemen. These three men began shooting and then ran to the mosque to hide, but were killed in hot pursuit. Don’t make it out as if it was innocent. You are twisting the facts to fit a narrative that promotes violence and extremism. No wonder all your neighbors hate you.

    If you think bloodshed and murder is appropriate for a holy place like this, please do go on; but don’t pretend to speak for any believer of any faith.

  18. AJ will not highlight reason for implementing metal detectors there. They didn’t give news about latest terrar attack happened there by so called Peace lovers. There is no country/place called phalestene , they won’t want anyone to criticize their failed state. I repeat again, for the sake of humanity please invest more in human developments rather than supporting and exporting terororism or blaming Isryal for your short comings. Give your people education, create jobs, be tolerant to other religeons, focus on the the good things in this life. Rather than Always in the news for negativity.


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