World Drone Prix Champion Wins $250,000


Luke Bannister just won the first ever World Drone Prix in Dubai. He is only 15 years old. Subscribe for more videos: …

Click to view the original video via the AJ+ YouTUBE.


  1. Hand it to Dubai to actually go all out on the course.

    I have watched a lot of FPV races, but none had such an amazingly well done looking track like that. If there were more tracks like that built, FPV racing would quickly become a massive sport.

  2. After seeing that kid's bloody eyes, it's becoming more evident why this sport was held in the Middle East. The World Drone League is going to have to deal with major Safety Issues and parents will NOT let their kids do this if bloody eyes and burst blood vessels are going to become the norm. No F-ing Way. :)

  3. Can we make drone battling a bigger deal? Races are cool but I wanna see kids flying their drones around and battling each other, scratch that, I want to fly a little drone around and have robot battles.


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