Xbox avatars to get wheelchairs, possibly new designs


Those eyes cut through my soul

In a great win for inclusiveness in gaming, Xbox has let tell that wheelchairs are being introduced for the Rare created Xbox avatars.

In a Twitter conversation, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer was told “depending on how skeletons are done on avatars, wheelchairs might be relatively simple and the #rightthing” to which someone suggested starting a petition. Spencer quickly chimed in stating that there is “No petition needed, we hear you.  This is something that we’ve already looked at, not far off.” Mike Ybarra, also part of Xbox, gave us a sneak peek as seen in the header image above.

Interestingly it looks like avatars themselves may be getting a redesign, or at least they look slightly different or more detailed to my imperfect eyes. Speaking of eyes, their soulless eyes are kind of creepy.

Good on Microsoft and Xbox for doing the #rightthing here, I just hope there is more than one option for wheelchairs in case players want something a bit more conservative with less branding. I can’t imagine people will be too happy if all wheelchairs have a Xbox flag attached if that does happen I can see #NotYourBillboard trending upon release.

Xbox avatars to introduce wheelchairs [VideoGamer]

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